Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry is $30 for adults and students.

When is it held?

The next show will be held on 7 November 2020.

When are entries due?

Entries are due August 30 2020.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from 1 June 2020 on

Where is it held?

The competition will be held in the Liffey Stadium at The Lincoln Event Centre, Selwyn District.

Who can enter?

All NZ residents. There are three student categories - Primary, Secondary and Tertiary, plus adults. Designers must be present both at the rehearsal and on the night of the show. Both novice and experienced designers are welcome to enter.

Can you enter a garment that has been entered in another competition?

Yes, except for garments that have been on stage in an international competition.

When is judging held?

Judging will take place on Saturday 7 November.

Do I need to provide a mannequin for displaying my garment for judging?

It is not compulsory but we highly recommend it.

Who models the garments?

Designers can provide their own model ( including modelling themself) or have a model provided. Models can be any age, gender, size, ethnicity or ability.

Can designers watch the show?

There are allocated seats for designers and models to watch the show. Note it is the designer’s responsibility to have their garment ready to go on stage at the required time.

When is the rehearsal?

The rehearsal is compulsory for all designers and models and will be held on Friday evening, 6 November.

Is hair and makeup provided?

Yoobee School of Design provide students for hair and makeup for designers that want it. This costs $15 per service which is paid directly to the students.